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Nokia Sacrifices Payout for 5G

Nokia is the company that has provided countless people with the first mobile phone in their life. Based in Finland, the company had seen the days when it was the only choice of customers who wanted to contact anyone in

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Nokia 6.1 Review

The 2018 Nokia releases have been quite satisfying, so far, in comparison to the 2017 Nokia predecessors. Fortunately, the Nokia 6.1 smartphone is presented to the masses in a more stylishly designed frame, and the smartphone is also more functionally

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Nokia 8 Features

Ever since the return of Nokia, we’ve seen three Android smartphones namely: Nokia 3, 5 and 6, but not until recently have we seen a true-blue Nokia Android flagship. If you have been craving for a Nokia Android device that

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Nokia 6: Nokia Makes A Comeback


It has been a long while since consumers have heard anything from Nokia. However, they are now back in business, having recently launched their very first Android smart phone known as the Nokia 6. After working with Microsoft for nearly

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Nokia 9 flagship phone are picking up the steam online


In 2017, users of phones experienced the rebirth of the Nokia 3310. Well, it is not the flagship phone – nor it was in past – the phone received the amazing response, mostly by the users who grew up in the era

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Nokia Lumia 930 Review


Microsoft recently acquired device and services department of the well-known brand Nokia. Nokia Lumia range is growing stronger especially Lumia 930 with Windows Phone 8.1 OS update is a proof that the company is here to stay, but under the

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Press Render of Android Powered Nokia P1 is now Available


Recent Android news reported that the press render of Android powered Nokia P1 has been launched. It was in May that Nokia got hold of diverse kinds of deals that would let the company license for use on Android powered

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Nokia 9 will have IRIS scanner, Snapdragon 835 and much more


Many rumors are hitting the web that Nokia is working on its flagship phone. Now the latest leak reveals much more about the specs of Nokia’s upcoming flagship. The name of Nokia’s upcoming is not confirmed, analysts are suggesting it

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